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So, you want to be a Chaplain...

"It gives you opportunity to be inside the doors of the department...and in the community crisis..."

"Consider the commitment...then Go for it!"

"'s brought me out to a community that I might not otherwise have had and opportunity."


  • Working uniforms Class "C" run approx. $150.00 (Required)

  • Class "A" uniform runs approx. $500.00 (Optional)

  • Uniform jacket runs approx. $160.00 (Optional)

  • Patrol equipment runs approx. $60.00 - $150.00 (Optional)

Time commitments:

  • Monthly training on the second Tuesday of the month from 0900-1200 hrs.

  • Monthly Ride-a-long or Sit-a-long 14-16 hours.

  • Call-outs as needed. On call duty week every third week. 

  • Department and Community events- As needed

Must have:

  • Drivers License 

  • Dependable transportation

  • Working cell phone (Smart phone preferred - not required)

For further inquiries contact Senior Chaplain Jesse Kenyon at or call office # 937-7244

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