Serving SPD and the Community since 1997

Our Mission

To respond to and provide spiritual support to Stockton Law Enforcement personnel, their families and public schools by building interpersonal relationships for life’s situations or crises.


The Chaplaincy program began in 1997 out of a need to serve the Officers with healthy spiritual help and advice. A letter was sent out inviting the Pastors of Stockton to consider serving in this capacity. A large number responded resulting in 16 pastors graduating from the first Chaplaincy academy.

The program has continued to grow and expand improving the effectiveness of meeting Department and Community needs. 

In 2006 a full time Senior Chaplain was added to manage the program and serve the Officers. In 2007 we added the School Resource Chaplaincy Program. The city originally had 25 School Resource Officers but due to budget cuts that number has fallen to 3. It was the goal of the Chief and the Senior Chaplain to put Chaplains in the schools to serve as a representatives of the PD. These School Resource Chaplains serve to bridge the gap between the schools and the PD that was left when the School Resource Officers were taken out of the schools.

Under the leadership of Chief Eric Jones, individual wellness is a strong focus for the Department because, in today’s world, the work of Law Enforcement is more complex and challenging than ever, especially due to difficult societal issues and delicate public perceptions. It is vital to ensure that our men and women serving in Law Enforcement are given every tool and resource to maintain a healthy, well balanced approach to their mission. This means ensuring our Chaplains are highly trained and routinely present to assist as needed and adding programs to our service that will assist officers in maintaining a healthy mental, physical and spiritual balance.

It is with great joy we continue to serve the SPD!


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Serving since 1997

This is our 23rd year celebration in serving the Stockton Police Department.

Keep up the prayer!

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