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Why should I support the Stockton Police Chaplaincy?

"...anything we can do to keep the Chaplaincy up and strong will only make the Police department even stronger!"

Chief Eric Jones,

Stockton Police Department

"...we are a team and we are grateful to our donors...those people deserve just as much credit as we do..."

Chaplain Kevin White,

Stockton Police Chaplaincy

"'s a great way to serve your community...ppl ask, how can I help in our world today?"

Chaplain Renee Bennett, Stockton Police Chaplaincy

“The Chaplaincy’s office has been a key part of my personal success here at the police department. I know that if I ever need any sort of spiritual or life guidance, I can turn to a Chaplain and talk to them about the issue that I’m facing.”

Ofcr E. Kolosov,

Stockton Police Department

"Citizens call us for help, well, we need help too..."

Ofcr Ron Zalunardo,

Stockton Police Department

"Without the Chaplains a lot of problems would go by the wayside, they wouldn't get handled..."

Sgt. Kevin Hess,

Stockton Police Department

“Chaplains always have a sympathetic ear willing to listen…We are all truly blessed by their presence and I’m grateful to the Chaplaincy program.”

Tracy Almarez

Police Records Assistant

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