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“The Stockton Police Chaplaincy has been an unbelievable outlet for me.  ​It, like everything else, is what you make ​of it and what you allow it to be.  ​

Though Chaplains are faith based individuals, that has never been "forced" upon me.  I do believe in GOD, and HE is an important part of my life but understanding that you can come in and talk to a Chaplain like a friend, who will give you the help that you seek and in the way you need is second to none."

                                                      Officer John Afanasiev

“I am extremely grateful to the SPD Chaplain for their willingness to be there when I need someone to listen to me, give me advice, or sit quietly while I need their presence."

                             Sgt Jimmy Farthing

“The Chaplaincy program provides a comfortable, non-judgmental and safe environment for employees to see spiritual and emotional support in times of need. It is today’s most valuable wellness tool.”​

                  Ret. Lt Tina Talamantes

“The Chaplaincy program provided support to our family in difficult times when we were searching for spiritual direction. We can’t express enough our deep appreciation and gratitude.”​

                  (Ret) Officer Ruben Supulveda

“I love seeing our Chaplains around. Part of the reason I am so happy with working for Stockton PD is the incredible Chaplaincy program.”

                             Detective Melissa White

“Whether for a colleague, a lonely adult, or a frightened child, the Chaplains always have a sympathetic ear…we are truly blessed by their presence…”​

                               Tracy Almarez PRA II

“I work in a career in which I see the good and evil in people and often things human beings where not meant to see. My shift may be filled with chaos, but I know I can find peace with just a phone call.”​

                                     Officer Noe Gonzales

“Bringing GOD ever so close with open arms, ears and hearts... now bring me coffee… with open arms and 2 sugars..:).

                               Janelle Howard CSO

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