Police Chaplains ride with Officers during their routine shifts to build relationships and assist them as they serve the community. 

Police Chaplains do "sit-a-longs with the Dispatchers of the Stockton Police Department. Not only do they see first hand the high stress work it entails, but the amazing way the compassionately carry out their job!

Several special events through the year allow Chaplains to be of service to the Department. The Officers Memorial is a key time of remembrance and reflection. Certainly a perfect time for Chaplains to help through service and presence. 

Chaplains join in and help with community relations events. 

Supporting the Stockton Police Department in community activities that promote public trust and encouraging a positive perception of Law Enforcement in youth. 

Police Chaplains pray frequently on behalf of distraught and grieving members of the community. They bring hope and comfort in desperate moments.


Tel: 209-937-7244 | Fax: 209-937-8049


Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm

Serving since 1997

This is our 23rd year celebration in serving the Stockton Police Department.

Keep up the prayer!

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- Leadership of Stockton

- Stockton Police Department

- Leadership of SPD

- Chaplains serving the SPD, Schools and Community

Contact: Stockton Police Chaplaincy

22 East Market St., Stockton, CA 95202

(209) 937-7244—Fax: (209) 937-8049


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