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Serving the Youth of our Community

School Resource Chaplains meet Constitutional Guidelines for involvement in Public Schools.. 

(Lemon v. Kurtzman, 403 U.S. 602 (1971)

  • They provide a practical, secular service

  • They are non-sectarian, serving people of all faiths and no faith

  • They are free of excessive government and religious entanglement

Youth Enrichment Program Y.E.P.

Chaplains present information about Anti-bullying, Guns, Gangs, Alcohol and personal safety to encourage students to avoid endangering their education and to develop esteem and self confidence.

Special Forces Boys Camp

Selected students will participate with SPD and Chaplaincy mentors to learn life skill through classes and hands on learning. Activities include a week long camp during June, fishing days in the fall and additional training during Spring break. 

Sacred Places

Selected students will have an opportunity to take a three day hike into California's wilderness. They will be taught basic cooking and camp skills and enjoy the camaraderie of backwoods living.

WE are currently not serving in schools due to our staffing levels

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